We bought this incredibly ugly arm chair off Gumtree for $50 just before we moved out of our house to renovate Hideous I know and not really my taste.  So what possessed us to buy it? Well we wanted a good quality, well-made chair for our bedroom.  Our new bedroom is so much bigger than our old one and we while we don’t have the parents’ retreat that many new homes do, we do have the balcony directly off our bedroom which looks out to the pool.

Aaron and I are both readers and I liked the idea of having a comfortable chair to sit in and read my book away from the hustle and bustle of the family, because, let’s face it, if the children can see you relaxing they will suddenly demand your attention. The size of this chair means that I can really curl up in it.  It might not quite be the style of many of the chairs in the furniture stores right now but that’s ok.  I want comfort and a piece of well-made furniture and Aaron has always hankered after a wingback chair. There is potential in this chair.  Change the fabric, remove the skirt and the piping and it will look a little less ‘tizzy’. I have been eyeing off the bright fabrics of the Jimmy Possum chairs for some time.  I love their use of colour.  We were just not sure we could justify the price as many of their single arm chairs are between $3000-$4500.

The chair is an Australian made chair by an Adelaide family-owned company called Ritossa.  One of their claims to fame is they were asked to reupholster the chaise lounges in Parliament for the Queen Mother’s visit.  Very posh indeed! Also, they appear to be very well made and use quality materials for their products. They view themselves as craftsmen (and women?  I’m not sure!).

So in short, this chair should stand the test of time and is still a more cost effective way of getting a custom made chair.

We have an ottoman we purchased at the Yarra Glen Market that has been through the wringer.  We purchased in at least 10 years ago and it is been lent to family members, come back here and the last mishap was candle wax spilling all over it.  We thought this ought to also be reupholstered and can be used with the armchair.

This picture was taken before it was stored in our conversatory during the renovation. Here is the chair after it was gnawed by rats. Yes.  Of course it was. Look closely at the arms.

We have only just recently gotten around to getting the chair covered.  We have had so many expenses over the last 18 months that we decided to put it on hold. I have sat on the chair and find it so incredibly comfortable. Aaron and I toyed with the idea of covering the chair in a neutral fabric. That would have been sensible but ultimately a bit too boring for us. We made the decision to have a fairly loud material and we will keep with neutral bed linens. We chose Warwick fabric and the pattern is Frida Rose. It won’t be to everyone’s liking but it is certainly some fun in the bedroom.

We kept the skirt in the end as the chair was too squat too have the legs on display. Grant Ward from Boronia Upholstery has done an amazing job. The level of detail and craftsmanship is outstanding.

We also got our rattan outdoor setting recovered. It had been damaged by a storm some years ago and despite taking the cushion covers to the dry cleaners we were never able to get the mould stains out. In fact, when Aaron queried the dry cleaners it became quite awkward as the cleaner started yelling at Aaron and threw the cushion covers across the counter much to the bemusement of other customers. The dry cleaner later apologised by way of telling Aaron that he is European and gets angry sometimes. Thankfully they were able to shake hands and make up. Aaron gets all his suits dry cleaned there.

Below is the couch prior to the renovation in its old home.


So in short, we are happy with these new revamped additions to our home. Let them be bright and colourful, just the way I like to live life.


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