The new facade

I hear rumours that I haven’t posted the official ‘before and after’ pictures of the front of the house.  The reason for that is probably that we haven’t quite got everything finished yet.

Here is the house just before we started the renovation:

IMG_6237  IMG_6236

Here is the house now (well a couple of weeks ago):

img_1856  img_1858

I ask you to forgive my ugly garden.  It needs lots of care and attention.  It was severely neglected during the build. Aaron is a fabulous gardener and will bring it back to its former glory eventually.

And the back of the house:


I really didn’t have any pictures of the back of the house as it was just quite ugly.  Now it looks spectacular.

img_1968 img_1355

My tiling around the pool is almost finished and then I’ll be able to show off the refurbished pool.

All I can say is that the combination of Impact Design Consultants and RJB Developments has been amazing.  We love our house. We have avoided it looking like a Lego house.  In fact, I think it looks quite stylish. The 1970s house has come of age!







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