The bathroom reveals

Now that the house is almost finished (we are so very close), it is time to start showing off some of house.

Let me take you on a tour of the bathrooms.

We have ended up with the following:

  • One master (and mistress) en suite bathroom;
  • One main bathroom for the children (with a separate toilet next door);
  • One powder room; and
  • One guest en suite bathroom.

In total, we have one bath, three showers and four toilets (or lavatories if we are being polite).

The fact that we have four toilets is outrageous but fabulous. Never again, never again will I need to wait to use the facilities. I am the envy of my sister-in-law who has two boys and a husband but only one toilet. She has been forced to link pocket money to toilet cleanliness, and if all drips and drops aren’t wiped up she withholds all payments.

Even with my larger house and four toilets, I haven’t been able to prevent my lovely children coming to speak to me whilst I’m having a ‘comfort stop’. Surely this will cease at some point?  At least it is not as bad as when they were toddlers and they would see Mummy or Daddy sitting down as an opportunity to ask to sit on our laps and read them stories.

Let’s start with the guest ensuite bathroom. This is our old ensuite. It was meant to remain exactly the same but you may recall that it needed to be ‘moved’ (builder speak for demolished.) This ensuite was teeny tiny and right off our master bedroom. Now, the ensuite 2.0 is off the study/guest room. It is fractionally longer than before as we took some room out of the old adjacent wardrobe.

Here is a reminder of how it looked back in the day when Aaron and used it daily:

ensuite 2

en suite
It’s hard to get a sense of how tiny this room was but it was (and still is) 900 mm wide.

Now we have a new Hatia toilet, new mini vanity, shaving cabinet, shower screen and shower base.

Here is how it looks:



It’s plain and simple yet functional.

The powder room is possibly one of my favourite rooms with the bold tiled wall, pendant light and the luxurious feel of the purple walls (Dulux Purposeful). Anyone, who has been reading my blog for a while will know my obsession with the tiles. I like their quirkiness, elegance and references to pop culture. Initially we were only going to have one row of these tiles. Thank goodness, Neil, my project manager, agreed with me that we really needed to make them a feature. A feature tile needs to stand out.

The painting of the poppy is an original that we purchased in Paris at Montmarte for Aaron’s birthday in 2011. It seems to fit perfectly here. The other framed picture is a card from my cousin, Kate and I love it.  It reads: Fabulous is a lot like perfect except less boring and more fun. It deserved to be framed.

I love the feeling of this room and I don’t apologise for its feminine outlook and feel.

IMG_1428 IMG_1433

IMG_1429 IMG_1430

IMG_1432 IMG_1431

We let the children have some say in their bathroom. As they will be the ones using it we thought it could have a bit more whimsy when it came to the tiles. As such, we have chosen the green bubble tiles.


IMG_1441 IMG_1439

IMG_1435 IMG_1440


I have written before about my choices in tiles and bathroom fittings. And while it is hard to get a true sense of the dimensions from the pictures, it looks great (if I do say so myself).

Part of the delay in showing the finished product is that we were waiting for the caulker.  I honestly had no idea that there was such a thing as a professional caulker. The caulker came a few weeks ago and let me tell you, the caulker was a talker!  He did have a small claim to fame though, he has been the caulker on The Block and Reno Rumble. He regaled us with stories about The Block and showed us his selfies with the contestants. Thankfully his caulking is excellent and should he find that his work as a caulker is drying up (pun intended) I’m sure with such a steady hand that he’d be a whiz at piping icing onto a cake.

Now for the final bathroom. Mine. Sorry. Ours. It is officially big enough for me to do a cartwheel in. It is spacious, luxurious with a hint of disco with my tiled niche. I feel like I’m in a hotel every morning. I’m sure the novelty will wear off but I’m enjoying it for now.

A few people have asked why we didn’t choose double sinks. To be quite honest, we felt that for us they would be more of a gimmick. We rarely brush our teeth at the same time and if we do, we can just spit from either side. I actually like having all the bench top to spread all my stuff out when I’m doing my hair and make up.

Here are the pictures.  Again perspective is difficult but hopefully you get a sense of its glamour.


IMG_1335 IMG_1336

IMG_1340 IMG_1425

IMG_1337 IMG_1339

IMG_1341 IMG_1343

IMG_1342 IMG_1482


We had a friend comment on just how different each bathroom is. I think the only similarities are that the children’s bathroom and our ensuite both have Nougat Caesarstone bench tops and the same Villeroy and Boch sinks. Oh and the same floor tiles and wall tiles and tap ware. Alright, so they have more in common than I first thought but they each have a distinctive look thanks mostly to the feature tiles.

I have other posts that discuss the product details if you want to know more

But right now, I want to know which one is your favourite?


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