Comfy couches

In Australia we tend to use the term ‘couch’ to refer to a sofa. We also use the term ‘lounge suite’ which implies the good couch; the one reserved for the grown ups and visitors. Despite the inviting name –  ‘lounge suite’ – many of us as children were banned from any sort of lounging. Even now I feel obligated to sit upright on my parents’ lounge suite and I daren’t consume food whilst sitting there.

We have moved from one living room (also commonly known as the lounge room and thus the terms are used interchangeably by many) to two.

The front living room is the more formal room. This will be where the adults adjourn to after dinner. This room hasn’t changed too much in the renovation. The main change is that the floors were stripped back and are now a more natural colour and our ‘chimney’ (it conceals the flue for the gas heater) has been painted.

We purchased most of the furniture for here in June 2014 as our previous leather lounge suite was dying a slow and hideous death. If you look closely, you can see the leather peeling off.

Old Lounge

We purchased our furniture from King Furniture. We have the two seater in leather and the arm chair in fabric.  We also purchased the coffee table, side tables and an ottoman (which Australians often call a ‘pouffe’ but given the pronunciation it seems very un-PC to use that term and ‘ottoman’ has instead found favour.  People felt uncomfortable saying out loud, ‘Feel free to put your feet up on my pouffe.’).

Here is how it looked pre-renovation.

New Lounge

Now it is a little different. We moved the TV up on the wall and bought a new TV unit from Sortino. It’s Australian made and made from Tasmanian oak.


Essentially the furniture is the same. The Plaza leather couch is from King Furniture.  I have posted about it before.

IMG_1134 IMG_1121 IMG_1129 IMG_1128 IMG_1124 IMG_1138

I love original art work and we are very lucky to have original art work in our lounge room.  The first is by my beautiful friend, and New York based artist, Jessica Farry from Jessica Farry Paintings.  Jessica did this a number of years ago for us and we love how the blue goes with the orange accents in this room. She is a fabulous abstract artist and we love her work. The one below is titled ‘The Wave.’


We also have art from local artist Jodie Cooper from Studio 19 Gallery.  We have had this series from Jodie for a while and they represent the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water.  My dad bought them for me as he also owns a number of Jodie’s works. They are perfect for this spot in our house.  They are a textured art work and incredibly detailed.



There are other elements in this room that we love, such as the bespoke lamp made by Rachel Burke from Patturn.  Rachel makes the most amazing bespoke lampshades.  This one is from an original pattern back in the day when women used to sew. This pattern is for women’s pajamas.

IMG_1130 IMG_1131 IMG_1132

I love the detail of it, especially the handwritten notes.  Rachel is also making us lampshades for the children’s rooms and one for my family room.  I can’t wait to display them.  She is amazingly talented. Stay tuned as I will post when I get the new lamps!

We have a new fold out couch or sofa bed for the study. This is from Snooze and is also Australian made.  It has a latex mattress and we hope it will be extra comfortable for those coming to stay. Don’t forget this room has its own en suite bathroom!  I’ll even throw in free wifi access during the time of your stay.


I have some bespoke cushions on order for this couch.  I can’t wait for them to arrive. I ordered them from Etsy.

FTG 3156

Here is a preview of one of them.  I know I do not live in a hipster suburb,  And that’s ok.  We are embracing where we live and celebrating the fact, and this cushion celebrates our suburb.

Our latest acquisition is a couch from King Furniture.  It is the Jasper in Dove Grey.  It has the fabulous Jimmy Possum Cushions that we bought in Bendigo over Christmas.  It is insanely comfortable.

IMG_0995 IMG_0999

We think it looks simply fabulous with the rainbow rug from Plush.  We managed to get the rug as floor stock so saved about 60%.  The kids love that we have a bit of colour! I am calling it my gay pride rug because we are an open and tolerant family.

We are still finishing the house (I swear it is nearly there.  We are close.  So close) and we are still unpacking, but I am excited about the various couches for me to enjoy when I eventually get time to relax (once we finish and not a moment before!).

Cheers to the lounge suite!




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