Unpacking (and a new clothesline)

Unpacking is certainly more fun than packing but it is still an onerous and relentless task. I am slightly horrified by the amount of stuff we have. I honestly thought I was ruthless before we moved out. We culled many items, we sold items we didn’t need, we donated bag upon bag to the op shop and we threw things out, yet we still seem to have so much. I think we need to do a second round of culling. And this time I need to get serious.

Working out where things will go is interesting. We want it to be logical. We also need to think about what goes in the over head cupboards as I can barely reach the first shelf. Being vertically challenged, I need a step stool close by at all times.

We are finding it’s the children’s toys that are so hard to fit in. The boy has loads of Lego that is all made up. It used to reside in a huge wardrobe in the playroom, but now in his bedroom, we don’t seem to have room for it. My suggestion of breaking it all up has him recoiling in horror. When I first met my husband, he still had all his completed Lego projects at his mother’s house. Clearly it’s genetic. It’s something I don’t quite understand as my sister and I built things with Lego and pulled them apart again.

We are still waiting on the buffet and glasses cabinet which means we can’t quite get everything away. Our cabinet maker seems to have fallen behind due to winter illness. We don’t yet have CAD drawings for the wine rack and cupboard under the stairs so there will be a delay in that too.

I have the bookshelf unpacked which provides me with a sense of peace. I love my books and I love how aesethically pleasing it is to look at the books. I realise that the majority are mine; a degree in English Literature and a career as a high school English teacher will do that.  We are all readers. The children have substantial collections too. If I had unlimited space, I would so have a library in my house.

In the interim, there are boxes everywhere.

There are still workmen in the house everyday to finish off and fix a variety of different issues. I cannot fault the attention to detail but I will be happy when it is all done as I can’t totally unpack with people working in the different areas.

We discovered that there is a problem with the toilet in the downstairs en suite. We found out the hard way after a child used it to do his/her business (said child shall remain anonymous to save embarrassment).  Hopefully that can be rectified soon as currently it won’t flush.

But in exciting news, my washing line was installed today. Hooray!  It has been a nightmare trying to hang washing on clothes horses.

With the weather forecast improving, I should be able to get a lot of use out this baby.

It’s collapsible (as demonstrated in the second picture) and we have an additional smaller line underneath to maximise hanging space. It is 2400mm wide and we purchased it online from The Clothesline Store.

We have also purchased a cover for the clothesline too. Aaron will put that together at a later stage.

But in the meantime, it is back to rationalising all the gumpf we own and finding new homes for it.


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