Glamping at no. 44

Guess what?  We are kind of in the house. Our possessions are betwixt the two properties BUT we have slept in our newly renovated abode for four nights now.

We had asked the builders if there was any chance of them finishing a little earlier so that we could surprise my parents who have been away for the last five weeks gallivanting around Canada and the USA.  Neil, my project manager from RJB Developments has worked hard to make that happen. However as luck would have it during this diabolical flu season, there have been delays due to various trades being struck down with the dreaded lurgy.

On Tuesday Aaron hired two removalists to help him get all the furniture into the house and up the stairs.  Does anyone remember the show Fat Pizza?  I swear these guys were straight from the show in their Adidas tracksuit pants, muscle tops and gold jewellery. They weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed but they were an affable couple of blokes.

The kitchen is not yet finished so we haven’t been able to cook yet. Also, I have no idea where the crockery, cutlery and cookware is hiding. Aaron packed those sheds so well, I’m concerned we won’t find them for weeks.  I have found the wine glasses though.

We have taken load after load of stuff: clothes; shoes; books; toys; paper work across the road to the new digs. There is still more to do. My parents will have their place painted on Monday so we really need to get our stuff out.

Unfortunately not all our cabinetry is finished yet. Our buffet and glasses cabinet haven’t arrived yet and neither has our dining table or desk. Simon Wilson is making the desk and table and has also been ill with the flu. We have no TV antenna and we haven’t connected the computers to the internet yet.  I have had to hot spot my phone to my laptop.

We can’t really put everything away which means it is a mess.

We haven’t been able to cook yet.  Aaron’s mum kindly brought dinner around for two nights, we had a hot chook we took to Mum’s one night and we also went out to eat. The kids have been eating cereal out of cups. We can’t locate the kettle but managed to find the urn we often bring out when we have large gatherings. I have been able to have coffee. Small mercies.

The smokey mirror splashback went in yesterday and we love it.






It’s so versatile.  I’ll be able to check my hair and make up as I cook!  I can even take selfies with it. The smokey glass will nicely hide the evidence of fine lines and wrinkles. See Exhibit A below.


The splash back went in yesterday. The plumber is due today. Once he finishes, the cabinet maker should be able to finish and then the caulking can happen.  We really need a big clean too. Neil had the window cleaner here this week and the windows look sparkling now.

The children feel like it is like staying in a hotel except one needs to forage for food.

We also wake up to nature each morning as we have no curtains and blinds. It truly is a glamorous version of camping.

But we are loving it. It is so good to be (mostly) in and sharing a meal with family even though we didn’t cook it ourselves. Cheers!





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