Yay for E&S Trading!

I must confess my admiration for E&S Trading after the recent toilet and fridge issues.  Not only did Anna from E&S Trading send out the E&S plumber to fix my incorrectly plumbed toilets free of charge, but her communication was excellent and the plumber salvaged the problem for me.  I was fearful about tiles being removed from my walls and I didn’t want any damage to my beautiful looking en suite, but it has all been done.  The toilets are all where they are meant to be.

We were able to switch the fridge over too without a restocking fee.  Hurrah!  We were meant to pay a 15% fee as someone (not us!), opened the packaging on the fridge.  After chatting with them and politely alerting them to the fact that we have been shopping there for all our renovation needs, they agreed to waive the fee. I think sometimes one needs to be prepared to ask these questions. In all honesty though, I cannot speak highly enough of the service we have had there (even when the kids got bored and were hiding in bathtubs and peering out like meerkats at random).

Here is the updated fridge:


It is a Fisher & Paykel 519l fridge.  I wasn’t overly keen on the French doors, but I will be happy to actually open the fridge which I would not have been able to do with the other fridge.

So what else has been happening?

  • The floors are being sanded and polished;
  • The decking is just about finished;
  • The flue for the gas heater went in;
  • The painting continues;
  • The builders filled another skip full of debris;
  • Most of the cabinetry is in; and
  • The carpet goes into the bedrooms late this week.

There is still more to go but it is getting closer to the end now.

Now the frightening part will be getting the bill from the builder with all the variations.  Eek!


2 thoughts on “Yay for E&S Trading!

  1. Here we are in Montreal Canada enjoying this delightfully cosmopolitan city so as to allow the renevators some space & time away from the shoe sherif and his persistent questioning of how long before the reno’s are finished?
    And in today’s blog I note with interest that there seems to be a end point close at hand! Floors are being sanded, toilets installed, a refrigerator that can be used, decking all but finished and carpet being laid in the bedrooms; these are good signs
    It was anticipated that we would be flying back to a quiter house, one that no longer held the accumulated bits & pices of a 8-Month squat but alas it seems the devil is in the detail; ” the builder has not quite finished” oh dear does this statement ensure the squatters will still be there when we return? I have noticed on those TV Reno programs that they can knock down & rebuild a whole house within a week, have a surprise party for the family & neighbours and the householders shed copious amounts of tears as they explore thier newly converted home; why has it taken 9-Months for this Reno?
    I think that when we get to see the finished house the tears that will be shed will come from smiley Bill, tears of relief and grartitude that at last I can put the sheriffs badge back in the drawer and load the dishwasher in the correct manner; hurry up builders I want my home back , oh and by the way you have lost the early finish bonus I had offered, 9- Months? I don’t believe it!!


    • Ha ha! Your maths is not quite right. It just feels like 9 long months for you! We started on 28th of January and completion was to be 8 months (28th of September). We still technically have time up our sleeves. Just a little. I can almost see the finishing line. I expect to see you there cheering us on!


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