Two problems as we race towards the finishing line

We have two of the Hatria Daytime Evo Back to the Wall toilets.  We bought them some time ago at the E&S Trading warehouse sale and got them for half price which was a veritable bargain. One toilet was designated for the children’s use upstairs and the other for my en suite bathroom.  We had originally intended for our concealed in the wall cistern toilet to go in the en suite, but unfortunately our window was too low so we had to put that toilet into the powder room.  That was a little disappointing, but not really a problem in the scheme of things.

We needed to wait until the tiling was finished in order to plumb the toilets.  That was happening this past week. And then we got the call from my project manager. I wasn’t overly happy to learn that the plumbers had made an error. The back to the wall toilets require a rear entry inlet and instead the plumbers had put in a bottom entry inlet. Even though the plumbers have had the toilets at my house for months, they were working from some spec sheets which apparently indicated that bottom entry inlet was suitable.  This then led to many phone calls and checking through paperwork.  The project manager wanted to know from where I had obtained the spec sheets and I can only presume that a) E&S Trading emailed them to me (as they have emailed me specs on everything) or b) I was directed to a website to find them.  I honestly have no recollection as to how I came to be in possession of the toilet spec sheets, your honour.  I would have presumed that the plumbers might have opened the boxes and looked at the toilets to make sure they did, in fact, match the information on the spec sheets, but apparently not. E&S Trading were adamant that the specs did not come from them as they don’t sell a Hatria bottom entry inlet toilet.  And I simply don’t remember. I haven’t looked again at the spec sheets, but the ones on the internet indicate a bottom entry inlet is fine.  Most confusing! The arguing back and forth about who was at fault was holding things up.  We needed a solution.

We needed to either return the toilets and purchase bottom entry toilets (by the way, my son has found all this talk about bottom and rear entries hilarious), or try to change the plumbing. The problem with changing the plumbing is that it means tiles have to come off the wall to change the inlet.  I needed to make a choice but this made me feel panicky.  My tiles look amazing.  I don’t want them ruined. The toilet is to go directly under this window:


So what should I decide?  Enter Anna.  Anna at E&S Trading Warehouse has been a joy to deal with.  She has been so good at explaining the differences in toilets and the way they work and they ways they need to be plumbed.  She has spoken with my project manager about a possible solution too.  What is amazing is that she is now sending out her E&S Trading plumber free of charge on Monday to make sure the problem is fixed. I believe her plumber will remove the tiles, but as the toilet will back right up to the wall, it will be hidden from view. What amazing service! I am almost happy that we have spent all the kids’ inheritance at that store.

My other issue with the plumbers is that they have put one of my Hatria Daytime Evo toilets in the downstairs en suite, despite the fact that I had all the boxes clearly labelled with which toilet was to go where and Aaron had spoken to the apprentice plumber just this week to remind them.  If you remember back, we had to ‘move’ the downstairs en suite (which is builder speak for demolish and rebuild 10 cm to the right).  We hadn’t intended to buy a new toilet for that room, but our old toilet refused to come out without a struggle.  We had to purchase another toilet for there and we got the smaller Hatria Nido Back to Wall 


Again I was worried as I didn’t want this toilet upstairs. Neil, my project manager is always so positive and always ready to find a solution.  He assures me that the toilets will be rezoned to their appropriate locations. Good. They need to be.

My next problem is my fridge.  It will fit in the cavity but I won’t actually be able to open the door without it hitting the pantry.  That’s a problem.  The fridge and pantry are opposite each other in a very tight area. It’s hard to see but there is only around 750 mm between them.


When my cabinet maker encouraged me to get the biggest fridge I could, he didn’t factor in that opening the door would be a necessary part of day to day kitchen operation. While much of the kitchen has been in for a couple of weeks, the pantry only went in on Friday.  As soon as I looked at it I realised the problem.  My spatial awareness is lacking at times, but it was incredibly obvious even to me that the fridge door wasn’t going to open.  Just quietly, I am a bit grumpy that the experts, who had all the measurements, didn’t pick up on this. What has made matters more annoying is that someone decided to unwrap the fridge on Friday.  The fridge has been packaged up for months at my house.  Opening it up means that we can’t return it without penalty.  The penalty is usually 25% but Aaron has spoken to E&S Trading and they said they should be able to do it for 15% instead.  I will need to make more calls on Monday.  Sometimes I wonder how I hold down a job and fit in all the house related things too.

I was meant to be marking Year 12 essays Saturday afternoon, but back we went to E&S Trading.  We have worked out a solution.  We have decided on a Fisher and Paykel French Door fridge.  I would have preferred the Electrolux fridge we had for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it was Australian made and secondly it had a better star rating for energy efficiency.  However, if we want to be able to actually get food out of the fridge by being able to fully open the door, we need to go with the French door option.  This way, it still fits in the cavity. The girl child is happy as it produces cold water and ice on demand.  Conversations will need to be had about the return of the old fridge and who will pay the penalty. That will be a job for Monday.

Now keep your fingers crossed that the plumber can change a bottom entry to a rear entry and that we can keep these toilets.  I don’t need any more crap (yes, bad pun intended), to slow down our move into the house.


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