Kitchen preview

I have to start by acknowledging that my little blog designed to chronicle my home renovation has reached over 6000 views!  I love writing about what I am doing so it is nice to know that someone is reading it. I do realise that this project started as a renovation but appears to have turned into a rebuild, but I do like to remind people that we have kept a couple of windows and a bookcase.  We didn’t demolish everything.  Well not quite.

After my complaint that work seemed to have slowed down, I now have cause to celebrate.  And the cause of celebration is that the bulk of our kitchen is in. Huzzah!  Hooray!

The cabinets went in a few days prior to the stone bench tops.


The cabinetry is Dulux Whisper White in 2 Pack paint with a satin finish. We are going for the very contemporary look of no handles. I am rather vertically challenged and regularly get myself caught on handles; they seem to be right at pocket height.  My lovely husband is also a fan of clean lines and was not at all keen on handles.  Aaron was also of the belief that removing handles would give the illusion of more space. Despite this rather epic project of ours, our house is still not going to be huge.  After all, our house is only six metres wide.

We have Blum hardware on all the drawers which means that we only need to push them open.  They are also soft closing.

I practically squealed with delight to see my Miele ovens in.  This is what we have:


We are booked into some cooking courses in October to learn how to use these babies properly.   I will also be frequenting the Cookwise website regularly for inspiration. Trudy has some truly mouthwatering recipes which we can’t wait to try. Check her out!

The mini island bench is in.  It’s small, but it will be practical.  I am so relieved that we chose not to have our sink installed in the island.  If we had done that, we would have had no room left. We have three drawers which will be used for cutlery and crockery.


The Ginger Caesarstone bench tops went in a few days later. As we have the waterfall feature on the bench, we thought the Ginger would tie in nicely with the timber floors.

IMG_0116 IMG_0117

We have our Sirius rangehood hidden in the cabinetry. It is meant to be whisper quiet.  We wanted it hidden away for two reasons:

  1. to make the kitchen look neater; and
  2. to prevent Aaron hitting his head on an exposed one (it has happened at my parents’ house on a number of occasions.  Ouch!)

IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079

We have also made the decision to put stone in the laundry/butler’s pantry because these rooms are right beside each other.


The laundry/butler’s pantry has drawers, overhead cupboards and will have pigeon holes to organise our individual gumpf.  The children’s iPods and iPads are to be charged there too.  I want them kept out of bedrooms at night.

We have another large cupboard in the laundry which will act as a laundry chute.  It will also store our laundry until we are ready to wash in these pull out hampers:


Clearly, it is not finished.  We have kicker drawers to go in and my stove top also needs to go in.  We also need to organise our splashback.

After that, the floors can be sanded and polished.  Honestly, I do not understand why the plasterers have plaster all over the floor.  Could they not be just a little neater? They make quite a mess. I nominate them as the messiest trade.


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