Basins and toilets and taps – oh my!

Who knew taps could be so ridiculously expensive?  We didn’t that’s for sure!  I think we have now fully kitted out the bathrooms.  After the renovation we will have the following bathrooms:

  • powder room downstairs
  • main bathroom upstairs
  • en suite bathroom upstairs

We currently have the world’s smallest en suite off our master bedroom.  David Marsden of Marsden Homes did an amazing job at creating our teeny tiny en suite a number of years ago.

en suite

ensuite 2

The shower is 900 mm wide which is the width of the whole bathroom.  At the time, it changed our world to suddenly have two toilets in the house.  Our bedroom will become the study/guest room so we will leave the en suite alone as it will be nice for guests to be able to have their own shower if they stay the night rather than have to come upstairs.  I also thought it prudent to keep a shower downstairs in case someone breaks a leg and finds it too difficult to get up and down the stairs.  You can see how it will look here:

study en suite

The new en suite for our master bedroom will be gigantic in comparison.  To me, it looks like we could fit our current en suite into the shower of the new en suite.

ensuite new

This is the upstairs main bathroom and toilet (or WC as they like to call it):


So what have we bought?

So for the bathroom and en suite we kept with Villeroy and Boch basins to match the one we have for the powder room but these ones will be under counter basins.  Being vertically challenged, I find the basins that sit on top of the bench troublesome when I want to wash my face or brush my teeth.  I have to practically get on my tippy toes to lean over the basin to rinse.  The one on display at (yes, you guessed it) E&S Trading was nice; a classic style and not too big.


We also bought the Hatria Daytime Evo toilet which has the cistern in the wall.  It will match the toilets we already purchased.  It will look like this:


We are not getting a bidet.  Mainly because we are not European and I really don’t understand how they work.  I don’t think I have ever come across one in an Australian house. The cistern is made by Geberit and it will be hidden in the wall. There will be a flush button on the wall and that plate will pull off to access the cistern if necessary.  This is the one we chose:


For showers in both bathrooms we got this model:

Hansgrohe Raindance Select E120 3 Jet Ecosmart Handshower

It’s a German made product.  As we have to have water saving shower heads in Australia, it also complies with the necessary standards.  We got the the Hansgrohe Talis E2 mixer for both showers and the bath.

For the kids’ bathroom we got a bath.  We wanted a big enough one so that the menfolk could have a decent soak in it without having their knees around their chin.  We have gone for a German brand Kaldewei Cayono 1800 x 800 with overflow. It is steel enamel and has a 30 year warranty.  We didn’t get a free standing bath.  I think they look really impressive but they cost a lot more, take up more room and there is way too much room around it that will collect dust and the endless hair that seems to live on bathroom floors.  We have absolutely gone with (German made) practicality in this situation.  We got the Argent Cascade Wall Spout for the bath. Apparently it will give me a ‘luxurious cascading water flow.‘ Let’s hope it lives up to its reputation.

And lastly the tap.  We needed an extended tap to go in the powder room with my counter top basin. This is the one we liked.  Sleek, stylish, functional and German.


But (and I kid you not) it was $1399!  Truly.  More than the cost of our bath! I’m prepared to pay for quality but not that much!  I mean the Germans are great, but $1399? Maybe if it produced beer when we turned it on, then we could have considered it, but even then…

There weren’t many options in the store for this special type of tap that we required.  Bless Steffanie at E&S Trading who has spent many hours with us.  She searched through their suppliers and warehouse stock until she found us this one which was $1000 cheaper.  And it’s German with a 15 year warranty on the cartridge.

  •  Hansgrohe Focus 190 (it’s worth clicking on this link for the slightly curious picture of the half naked woman lying under the taps)

Shower screens, tiles and accessories still to be decided but for now we are finished in the bathroom.

P.S  I’m not sure if anyone has been keeping count, but we will have four toilets post reno!  Slightly ridiculous I know, but never again will anyone need to wait to use the loo.  Now that’s worth celebrating!


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