Bathroom basics

And we were back to E&S Trading this weekend for their warehouse sale.  We didn’t think we would get there as we were the parents on duty for our son’s tennis team and the game went for four hours!  But I am very glad we did eventually get there with just an hour to spare.


Quite honestly, I found it hard to get excited about shopping for bathroom products.  When we shopped for the kitchen appliances, I loved it.  I know toilets are necessary, but I have a toilet phobia at the best of times (I loathe public toilets).  I think I’m reminded of my uni days when I moonlighted as a house cleaner and I really, really hated cleaning the toilets of strangers.  I didn’t even want to touch the ones in the warehouse even though they were clean, had never been used and were not plumbed in!  We did, however, manage to purchase two toilets at half price saving ourselves over $1000. These are our Italian toilets:

Hatria Daytime Evo Back to Wall Suite

One will go in the powder room and the other will be in the children’s bathroom.  We will buy a different one for our en suite.  Probably one with the cistern in the wall.

We also bought two taps on sale.  One for the children’s bathroom and one for our en suite.  We went with these German made taps:

Hansgrohe Talis E2 Basin Mixer

For the powder room we picked up an ex-display basin.  This was a bargain.  We saved around $500. We got:

Villeroy and Boch Loop and Friends Oval Counter Top Basin

This is our actual basin.  It’s cute!



The other items we purchased were for our laundry.  Our laundry will double as a type of butler’s pantry as it will be right off our kitchen.  You can get a bit of an idea from this section of our plans.

laundry and kitchen

We wanted some symmetry with the products so we also got (on sale, of course!) a laundry sink.  We went with Franke again to match our kitchen sink.  This is our sink:

Franke Undermount ARX 110-35

We also got a KWC mixer tap for the laundry sink.  This matches the mixer tap we got for the kitchen.  This one doesn’t have the extendible hose though.

KWC Luna Sink Mixer Chrome

So, in essence, we saved ourselves a substantial amount of money.  Hooray!


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