Everything but the kitchen sink

The ovens, cooktop and rangehood are sorted, but there is more to a kitchen than that!  Back at E&S Trading, we consulted with staff on a fridge, tap ware and the kitchen sink.

We are working with a pretty tight space. We have just under 4 metres to fit everything in.

This is what it currently looks like:

kitchen w table

The current window which looks into the garage will become a wall and as you can see from this section of our plan, the kitchen will look like this:


Essentially along the one wall we need to fit two ovens, a refrigerator, the cook top, our sink and the dishwasher.  We are keeping our current dishwasher as it is only a few years old and in excellent condition.  It is an Asko stainless steel one. It is efficient, cleans well and items always come out perfectly dry.

Our current fridge is a Fisher and Paykel and is 14 years old.  It has tried to die on me a number of times but with the help of a lovely fridge man, I have saved it.  It does like to make some very odd noises which are a bit disconcerting when you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if someone is banging around in the kitchen.  However, it is time to say goodbye to this faithful fridge that kept many a bottle of sparkling wine nicely chilled for me.  We did seriously consider another Fisher and Paykel but we have ended up choosing:

It is a stainless steel upside down fridge.  The freezer is on the bottom. It received a better energy efficiency rating than the Fisher and Paykel and is made in Australia. It has some good features that include adjustable shelving, a crisper with humidity control, a deli drawer (for lunch meats) and space for 14 eggs.  It has always annoyed me that my current fridge only has space for 10 eggs.  Eggs come in the dozen or half dozen.  Balancing an extra two eggs on top of the others sometimes meant that we lost a few when opening up the door to the egg compartment.  Now no longer!  Best of all it has a drinks chill alarm to remind you to remove any bottles that you may have put in the freezer for chilling. Anyone who has ever had to clean up an exploded beer bottle that was left in the freezer too long will appreciate this feature.

As for the kitchen sink, well we knew that we wanted an undermount sink. We toyed with the Australian Oliveri sink and the Swiss Franke sink.  Both were excellent.  In the end it came down to size. Neither of us wanted a single sink and Franke does a nicely sized one and half sink.  We chose this:

  • Franke Ariane 160D Stainless Steel

It comes with some accessories – a cutting board and drainer and we are getting the strainer bowl as it sits perfectly in the half sink.

We deliberately didn’t want our sink in the island bench.  Currently I have two eating areas – the kitchen and the dining room.  However, we will lose our current vintage kitchen table and chairs (which I will miss) so we need an area that will double as a food preparation area and a casual eating area.

But what good is a sink without a tap? To go with our Swiss sink we have chosen a Swiss tap!  Those Swiss just seem like trustworthy sorts.

The hose pulls out quite far which will make things like filling big pots and vases much easier.

So in terms of kitchen appliances, I think we have them all – everything, including the kitchen sink.


8 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. Looks amazing, Rach! I find myself musing over your comment about the eggs. Firstly, as I buy eggs 5 doz at a time! Course, that is meant to last a month. Secondly, because we’ve seen mentioned a few times from our favorite kitchen wisdom sources that eggs keep best in their carton. You may go through them quickly enough that stale eggs are not an issue!


    • Interesting Jen. We would go through at least half a dozen a week. Often a dozen if I am baking. My kids love eggs. The reason I use the egg compartment is because my smaller size fridge means that I need to maximise the shelving for other food. Although we are thinking of getting chickens when the reno is done. Will keep you posted.

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